Jade Stone Memorials & Urns

Memorials are some of our personal favorites. There is nothing as superb a reminder of one's amazing impact on us and the others left behind. We believe that each memorial carries someone's spirit to those who view it and we put all of our positive energies behind these monuments. We have included some pictures of our past favorites, but you are bound only by your own creativity. Contact us today and we'll get you in touch with our head designer and make the process as smooth and prompt as possible.

In Chinese culture, jade is believed to be a link between the physical and spiritual worlds, and is thought to be the material form that most completely embodies both the yin and yang qualities of Heaven and Earth. Thus it is called, "The Stone of Heaven."

Jade Urns spacer A natural request when you do Memorials is the Urn. Jade is a precise gemstone and as the chinese referred to it a "Stone of Heaven", we find this to be very fitting when honoring the memory of a loved one. Elegant and unique they will grace your home with their beauty.
10" x 8" Lathe turned Urns
  • Guaranteed to stand the elements and test of time
  • One of a kind
  • Believed to be a link between the physical and spiritual world