Jade and Olivine Countertops

As interior designers began to see Princess Jades' work in affluent homes the creative juices started flowing. Over the last 8 years Dean (Our CEO) has become the foremost consultant on Jade and Olivine countertops and has been concentrating on those custom cut-to-size stone projects ever since.

Jade Countertop Olivine
                  Kitchen Countertop
Straight Edged Jade Countertop
Natural Edged Olivine Island

Thanks to the expansive selection of stones on site we are able to offer natural shape or straight-edged countertops, hearths and tables in the largest sizes available in N. America. After shape choices comes the personal choosing of your stone. Jade and Olivine are full of vibrant colors, depth, and seams. What you will get will be one of a kind, museum quality craftsmanship, and the highlight of your build or remodel. Please enjoy the visuals of some of our favorite projects and some examples of the stones unique look.

                  Kitchen Countertop Olivine Countertop
Natural Edged Olivine Countertop
Straight Edged Olivine Countertop
Olivine Stone Bathroom Countertop   Jade
                  Stone Backsplash Countertop
Natural Edged Olivine Bathroom Countertops
Natural Edged Backsplash

In commercial applications we are able to provide the right quality countertops and custom designs. Not only do these add a certain characteristic to your business they are both stain and scratch resistant. We offer special pricing for non-profits, Government agencies federal/local, schools, and Military.

Commercial Jade Stone Countertop Commercial Jade Countertop
Custom Etching and designs add a custom touch to your office
Hardwood trim is a popular choice for public locations

Olivine is usually named for its typically olive-green color. The hardness of olivine is 6.5–7, its relative density is 3.27–3.37, and it has a vitreous luster.

It is transparent to translucent. It is a versatile stone found here in the great NW at the base of the Twin Sisters mountains.

Olivine Rolltop Desk Olivine Countertop
Custom Olivine Desktop available in Jade too
Finished Olivine Countertops Est. cost to complete

Key Benefits

  • Hardness Rating of 6 - 6.5
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Natural edged counters bring additional costs, please inquire for details