Custom Jade

As creativity takes it's plunge into the future one thing is for certain, our sights have gotten much larger than ever imagined before. Let us take a look at some of the uses our clientele has come up with for the gemstone once only reserved for jewelry. spacer Jade Stone
Jade Stone Hearth
Jade Hearth 18" x 106" x 4"
Mosaic Jade Tile fireplace
Jade Ceiling
                  Fan spacer Natural Jade Stone Sculpture
52" Ceiling Fan w/ brass motor; all Jade blades and lampshade available
2000lbs Natural Polished Jade Nugget on freeform blackwalnut base

Through careful tedious processes Dean and Kathy have found ways to polish and produce one of kind masterpieces for you, whether it's a memorial, 16' long dining table, a mosaic piece or one of our Jade lampshades, quality is guaranteed and you are sure to get compliments on your choice for years to come.

Jade Stone
                  Tropheys Olivine Stone
Olivine Stone Trophy for the Mount Baker Banked Slalom
Custom Olivine for any application